Apollo 9 launched in March 1969, and was the countdown to Apollo 11. Flown in low Earth orbit, it was the first flight of the full Apollo spacecraft: the command and service module with the lunar module. The mission was flown to qualify the lunar module for lunar orbit operations in preparation for the first Moon landing by demonstrating its descent and ascent propulsion systems. This would also demonstrate that its crew could fly it independently, then rendezvous and dock with the command module again, as would be required for Apollo 11. The three-person crew consisted of Commander James McDivitt, command module pilot David Scott, and lunar module pilot Russell Schweickart.

In this image, McDivitt and Schweickart tested the lunar module in Earth orbit, while Scott remained behind in the command and service module. During the mission, Schweickart also performed a spacewalk to test the lunar spacesuits to be worn on the Moon.

Image Credit: NASA

阿波罗9号于1969年3月发射升空,是阿波罗11号倒计时。它是在低地球轨道上飞行的,是完整的阿波罗飞船的首次飞行:带有月球模块的命令和服务模块。该飞行任务是通过证明其下降和上升推进系统,使登月舱具备进入月球轨道运行的资格,为首次登月做准备。这也将证明其机组人员可以独立飞行,然后按照阿波罗11号的要求进行交会并再次与指令舱对接。三人机组人员由詹姆斯·麦克迪维特司令,指挥舱飞行员戴维·斯科特和登月舱组成 飞行员罗素·史威卡特。

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