2020 March 13

Starry Night by Jean-Francois Millet
Digital Reproduction Credit:
Yale University Art Gallery – Text: Letty Bonnell

Explanation: A dramatic nocturnal landscape from around 1850, this oil painting is the work of French artist Jean-Francois Millet. In the dark and atmospheric night sky are shooting stars, known too as meteors, above a landscape showing a path through the faintly lit countryside that leads toward trees and a cart in silhouette on the horizon. Millet was raised in a farming family in Normandy and is known for his paintings of rural scenes and peasant life. This Starry Night was painted after the artist moved to Barbizon, about 30 kilometers southeast of any 19th century light pollution from Paris. Millet wrote to his brother at this time, “If only you knew how beautiful the night is … the calm and grandeur of it are so awesome that I find that I actually feel overwhelmed.” Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh was an admirer of Millet’s work, and later also painted two dramatic starry nights.

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Yale University Art Gallery – 文稿: Letty Bonnell

说明: 这幅创作于1850年左右的夜景油画,是法国画家米勒的作品。在画中,幽暗而空灵的夜空中有流星,微明乡野里的小径,向有树和手推车剪影的地平线伸展。米勒出生和成长于诺曼地的农家,以描绘乡村景观和农民生活的画作著称。创作这幅星夜的年代,大约在他移居法国有光害的巴黎东南方,约30公里远的巴比松之后。当时米勒在给弟弟的信里如此述说:真希望能让你知道夜空有多美…它是如此的宁静和壮观,以至我感动到难以名状。荷兰画家梵谷是米勒画作的崇敬者之一,他后来也画了2幅星夜画作。

明日的图片: pi in the sky

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