Michun North:我每天的非凡之处在于帮助美国进入太空

Michun North is a program analyst who helps manage finances for the Commercial Crew Program.​ Here’s what she has to say about her work:

“I manage the finances for the Commercial Crew Program—which works with aerospace industry partners to develop and launch a new generation of spacecraft capable of carrying crew to low-Earth orbit and the International Space Station. I work with the program to understand how we are executing resources and help them budget for future requirements. I’m responsible for ensuring the contract is adequately funded. Knowing that the end game of this program is that we’re going to launch astronauts back to the International Space Station—that’s the ultimate motivation and what gets you in the door every day. Even though we aren’t part of the technical community, if we didn’t do our job from a financial perspective, the program could be canceled. You see how your role will have an impact. Most people at NASA are in it for the mission of the agency. It’s inspiring.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of M. North

Michun North是一名计划分析师,她帮助管理商业宇航员计划的财务。以下是她对工作的评价:


图片来源:Courtesy of M. North