2019 July 14

Eagle Aurora over Norway
Image Credit & Copyright:
Bjørn Jørgensen

Explanation: What’s that in the sky? An aurora. A large coronal mass ejection occurred on our Sun five days before this 2012 image was taken, throwing a cloud of fast moving electrons, protons, and ions toward the Earth. Although most of this cloud passed above the Earth, some of it impacted our Earth’s magnetosphere and resulted in spectacular auroras being seen at high northern latitudes. Featured here is a particularly photogenic auroral corona captured above Grotfjord, Norway. To some, this shimmering green glow of recombining atmospheric oxygen might appear as a large eagle, but feel free to share what it looks like to you. Although the Sun is near Solar Minimum, streams of the solar wind continue to impact the Earth and create impressive auroras visible even last week.

Bjørn Jørgensen

说明: 天空中那是什么?极光是也。在2012年拍下这幅影像的5天前,太阳发生了一次规模的日冕物质抛射,把一大团高速运动的电子、质子与离子洒向地球。虽然这团物质大多从地球上方掠过,但仍有部分撞到我们地球的磁层,造成北半球高纬度地区都得见的精采极光。这张摄于挪威.Grotfjord村的主题影像,呈现了其中一个特别美丽的极光冕。或许有人会认为,这片因电离和电子复合而发出的摇曳泛绿辉光,看来酷似一头庞大的老鹰,然而,欢迎浮想联翩并分享你之所见。虽然太阳目前处在活动极小期附近,不过太阳风仍不停冲撞地球,并在上星期带来很壮观的极光。

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