In this iconic image, Station Commander Leroy Chiao of NASA watches a water bubble float between him and the camera, showing his image refracted while aboard the International Space Station. Chiao commanded Expedition 10.

He holds a doctorate in chemical engineering. He is also a veteran of three space shuttle missions and spent 229 days in space.

Image Credit: NASA

在这张标志性的照片中,NASA的站长焦立中(Leroy Chiao)看着一个泡漂浮在他和摄像机之间,显示出他在国际空间站上的图像发生了折射。焦立中指挥第10远征队。

他拥有化学工程博士学位。 他还是三次航天飞机飞行任务的资深人士,他在太空中共待了229天。


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