Sang Choi入选NASA的发明家名人堂

Sang Choi has worked for NASA for nearly 40 years. Since beginning work at the Langley Research Center in October 1980, Choi has received 71 awards from the agency. He also received three Nano 50 Awards from the Foresight Instittute for his innovative bionano technology in 2006 and 2007, and was cited as a Nano50 Innovator of the Year in 2008. He won a R&D100 Award in 2009, the 2010 SOLAR Award in 2010, and first prize in the 2017 Create the Future Design Contest in Electronics.

Additioanlly, Choi has published more than 200 technical papers and reports. He has patented 43 and has several more patents pending.

Choi also is an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a fellow of National Academy of Inventors.

Choi holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University.

Choi and other successful inventors are featured in the latest edition of the NASA Technology Transfer Program’s Inventors Hall of Fame.

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Image Credit: NASA

Sang Choi已经为NASA工作了近40年。自从1980年10月开始在兰利研究中心工作以来,Choi已获得该机构的71个奖项。他还凭借其创新的bionano技术在2006年和2007年获得了Foresight Instittute颁发的三项Nano 50奖,并于2008年被评为年度Nano50创新者。他在2009年获得了R&D100奖,在2010年获得了2010年SOLAR奖,并在2017年电子设计大赛中获得了一等奖。