2020 May 3


A Message from Earth
Image Credit: Frank Drake (UCSC) et al., Arecibo Observatory (Cornell U.);
License: Arne Nordmann (Wikimedia)

Explanation: What are these Earthlings trying to tell us? The featured message was broadcast from Earth towards the globular star cluster M13 in 1974. During the dedication of the Arecibo Observatory – still one of the largest single radio telescopes in the world – a string of 1’s and 0’s representing the diagram was sent. This attempt at extraterrestrial communication was mostly ceremonial – humanity regularly broadcasts radio and television signals out into space accidentally. Even were this message received, M13 is so far away we would have to wait almost 50,000 years to hear an answer. The featured message gives a few simple facts about humanity and its knowledge: from left to right are numbers from one to ten, atoms including hydrogen and carbon, some interesting molecules, DNA, a human with description, basics of our Solar System, and basics of the sending telescope. Several searches for extraterrestrial intelligence are currently underway, including one where you can use your own home computer.

Experts Debate: How will humanity first discover ET life?

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Frank Drake ( UCSC ) et al., Arecibo Observatory ( Cornell U. );
授权: Arne Nordmann (Wikimedia)

说明: 这些地球人想告诉我们些什么?这则信息是1974年阿雷西波天文台启用时,从地球向球状星团M13传送的广播。阿雷西博望远镜到现在为止,还是世界上最大型的单碟射电望远镜之一。所传送的讯号是采二进位编码,由一系列的零和壹组成了上面这幅图案。这次的地外通讯尝试,仪式性的成份居多,不过,自无线电通讯发明之后,人类就不停地向外太空发射无线电和电视讯号。假使外星人真的收到这份讯息,由于M13极为遥远,我们也得等上五万年才能收到回电。上面这则信息,含有关于人类和人类知识库的一些简单资讯。从下到下,分别为1到10的十进位数字、氢和碳等原子,一些有趣的分子、DNA、人类的粗略描述、太阳系的概况、以及传讯望远镜的基本资料等。世界各地有数个寻找外星文明的计画正在进行,其中之一用你的家用电脑就能进行。

Experts Debate: How will humanity first discover ET life?

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