On March 3, 1915, Congress created the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the organization from which NASA was created in 1958. NACA research led to advances in aeronautics that helped the Allies win World War II, spawned a world-leading civil aviation manufacturing industry, propelled supersonic flight, supported national security during the Cold War and laid the foundation for modern air travel and the space age.

This group photo was taken on steps of Langley Research Building on Nov. 5, 1928. In the front row are, left to right: E.A. Meyers, Elton Miller, Amelia Earhart, Henry Reid, and Lt. Col. Jacob W.S. Wuest. In the back row are, left to right: Carlton Kemper, Raymond Sharp, Thomas Carroll, (unknown person behind A.E.), and Fred Weick. During her tour of Langley, Earhart had part of her raccoon fur coat sucked into the 11-Inch High Speed Tunnel.


这张照片是1928年11月5日在兰利研究楼的台阶上拍摄的。前排从左至右依次是:E.A.迈耶斯(E.A. Meyers)、埃尔顿·米勒(Elton Miller)、艾米莉亚·埃尔哈特(Amelia Earhart)、亨利·里德(Henry Reid)和中校雅各布·w·s·韦斯特(Jacob W.S. Wuest)。后排从左至右依次是:卡尔顿·肯珀(Carlton Kemper)、雷蒙德·夏普(Raymond Sharp)、托马斯·卡罗尔(Thomas Carroll, A.E.背后的无名人物)和弗雷德·维克(Fred Weick)。 在游览兰利期间,埃尔哈特的浣熊皮毛外套的一部分被吸进了11英寸的高速隧道中。

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