For NASA Wallops Flight Facility research pilot Rich Rogers, July 26 brought an end to one of the things in his life that he has greatly enjoyed – flying Navy and NASA aircraft.

After a few quick laps around the Wallops airfield in the B200 King Air, Rogers settled the aircraft onto the runway and taxied to the hangar, along the way receiving a water cannon salute from the Wallops Fire Department. This brought his 39 year combined Navy and NASA flying career to an end. Rogers has spent the last 29 years flying for NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility as a research pilot, a career that took him on airborne science missions around the world.

This image shows Rogers in the cockpit, flying a T34 aircraft over Wallops Flight Facility.

Image Credit: NASA/Rich Rogers


罗杰斯驾驶B200 King Air飞机在沃勒普斯机场快速飞行了几圈后,将飞机降落在跑道上,然后滑行到机库,在途中,沃勒普斯消防队向他敬礼。他的海军和美国宇航局39年的飞行生涯就此结束。在过去的29年里,罗杰斯一直作为一名研究飞行员在美国宇航局的沃勒普斯飞行基地飞行,他的职业生涯使他参与了世界各地的航空科学任务


图片来源: NASA/Rich Rogers

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