2019 July 30

Star Forming Region NGC 3582 without Stars
Image Credit & Copyright:
Andrew Campbell

Explanation: What’s happening in the Statue of Liberty nebula? Bright stars and interesting molecules are forming and being liberated. The complex nebula resides in the star forming region called RCW 57, and besides the iconic monument, to some looks like a flying superhero or a weeping angel. By digitally removing the stars, this image showcases dense knots of dark interstellar dust, fields of glowing hydrogen gas ionized by these stars, and great loops of gas expelled by dying stars. A detailed study of NGC 3576, also known as NGC 3582 and NGC 3584, uncovered at least 33 massive stars in the end stages of formation, and the clear presence of the complex carbon molecules known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs are thought to be created in the cooling gas of star forming regions, and their development in the Sun’s formation nebula five billion years ago may have been an important step in the development of life on Earth.

没有恒星的恒星形成区NGC 3582
Andrew Campbell

说明:自由女神像星云发生了什么?明亮的恒星和有趣的分子正在形成并被释放中。这个复杂的星云位于名为RCW 57的恒星形成区内,除了像标志性的纪念碑外,对一些人来说,它看起来像一个会飞的超级英雄或一个哭泣的天使。通过数字化移除恒星,这幅影像呈现了致密的黑暗星际尘埃结,受到恒星电离所产生的炽热氢气场,以及垂死恒星排出的巨大气体环。对NGC 3576(亦称为NGC 3582和NGC 3584)进行的详细研究发现,至少有33颗大质量恒星处于恒星形成的最后阶段,以及还存在名为多环芳烃(PAHs)的复杂碳分子。多环芳烃被认为是在恒星形成区的冰冷气体中产生的,它们在五十亿年前、太阳星云形成中的演化过程可能是地球生命演化的重要一步。

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