In honor of Women’s History Month, NASA celebrates the many contributions women have made to the nation, world, and beyond, including five women at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, who developed flight software that will control the rocket for Artemis missions to the Moon.

These engineers developed and tested Space Launch System (SLS) software that will tell the rocket how to operate for the first 8 minutes of the Artemis I mission during its launch and ascent to orbit. Their work continues Marshall’s legacy of propelling NASA exploration through engineering.

Built and managed by the Flight and Ground Software and Simulation Division, the SIL, or System Integration Lab, at Marshall is where Space Launch System flight software is validated, and SLS System performance is verified. In the SIL, seated from left to right are Deanna Whitehead and Shaun Phillips. Standing behind them, from left to right, are Linda Brewster, Marlyn Terek, and Shawna Broussard.


Image Credit: NASA/Charles Beason





影像来源:NASA/Charles Beason

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