The barred spiral galaxy known as NGC 4907 shows its starry face from 270 million light-years away to anyone who can see it from the Northern Hemisphere. This is a new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope of the face-on galaxy, displaying its beautiful spiral arms, wound loosely around its central bright bar of stars.

Shining brightly below the galaxy is a star that is actually within our own Milky Way galaxy. This star appears much brighter than the billions of stars in NGC 4907 as it is 100,000 times closer, residing only 2,500 light-years away.

NGC 4907 is also part of the Coma Cluster, a group of over 1,000 galaxies, some of which can be seen around NGC 4907 in this image. This massive cluster of galaxies lies within the constellation of Coma Berenices, which is named for the locks of Queen Berenice II of Egypt: the only constellation named after a historical person.

Text credit: ESA (European Space Agency)
Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, M. Gregg

被称为NGC 4907的棒旋星系,从2.7亿光年以外的地方向任何从北半球能看到它的人展示了它那繁星般的面孔。这是NASA/ESA哈勃太空望远镜拍摄的正面星系的新图像,展示了它美丽的旋臂,松散地缠绕在中央明亮的恒星棒上。

在这个星系下面明亮地发光的是一颗恒星,它实际上是在我们的银河系内。这颗恒星看起来比NGC 4907中的数十亿颗恒星要亮得多,因为它距离我们只有2500光年,比NGC 4907近10万倍。

NGC 4907也是后发座星系团的一部分,该星系团由1000多个星系组成,其中一些星系可以在这张图片的NGC 4907周围看到。这个巨大的星群位于后发星座内,后发星座是以埃及女王贝蕾妮丝二世的头发命名的:这是唯一一个以历史人物命名的星座。

文字来源:ESA (European Space Agency)
影像来源:ESA/Hubble & NASA, M. Gregg

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