On June 26, 2020, spacewalkers Bob Behnken and Chris Cassidy completed the first of two scheduled spacewalks to replace batteries on one of two power channels on the far starboard truss (S6 Truss) of the International Space Station.

In this image posted by @AstroBehnken on Twitter, he said: “Yesterday, @Astro_SEAL snapped this shot from our worksite on @Space_Station – @SpaceX ’s Crew Dragon and @JAXA_en ’s HTV in clear view. Not bad for a view while working …”

During the spacewalk, Behnken and Cassidy removed five of six aging nickel-hydrogen batteries for one of two power channels for the starboard 6 (S6) truss, installed two of three new lithium-ion batteries, and installed two of three associated adapter plates that are used to complete the power circuit to the new batteries. Mission control reports that the two new batteries are working.

Cassidy and Behnken are scheduled to complete the upgrade to this initial power channel in a second spacewalk on July 1.

Image Credit: NASA

2020年6月26日,太空行走者鲍勃·本肯(Bob Behnken)和克里斯·卡西迪(Chris Cassidy)完成了两次太空行走中的第一次,更换了国际空间站远右板桁架(S6桁架)上两个电源通道之一的电池。





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