2020 May 29


Mercury Meets Crescent Venus
Image Credit & Copyright:
Marco Meniero

Explanation: That’s not a bright star and crescent Moon caught between branches of a eucalyptus tree. It’s Venus in a crescent phase and Mercury. Near the western horizon after sunset, the two inner planets closely shared this telescopic field of view on May 22, seen from a balcony in Civitavecchia, Italy. Venus, the very bright celestial beacon, is wandering lower into the evening twilight. It grows larger in apparent size and shows a thinner crescent as it heads toward its inferior conjunction, positioned between Earth and Sun on June 3. Mercury, in a fuller phase, is climbing in the western sky though, reaching its maximum angular distance from the Sun on June 4 Still, this remarkably close pairing with brilliant Venus made Mercury, usually lost in bright twilight skies, easier to spot from planet Earth.

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Marco Meniero

说明: 这颗桉树枝桠之间的天体,乍看像是亮星伴月。其实它们并不是表像所示的天体,而是蛾眉相的金星和水星。5月22日从义大利.奇维塔韦基亚市的一个阳台看出去,日落后的西方地平线附近,有2颗近合的内行星分享了这片望远镜视野。其中,金星这颗极端明亮的天体,逐渐往暮光中沉降。而随着它往6月3日介于地球和太阳之间的下合位置迈进,它的视大小逐渐增大,但蛾眉相却变得更加纤细。不过,较盈满的水星则反而是往天空攀升,将在6月4日抵达离太阳最大张角的东大距位置。在这次金星与水星的近合事件里,因为金星极为明亮,从而让通常隐没在明亮暮光里的水星,变得较容易辨认。


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