2020 May 28


Reflecting the International Space Station
Image Credit & Copyright:
Helmut Schnieder

Explanation: Still bathed in sunlight, the International Space Station arced through the evening sky over lake Wulfsahl-Gusborn in northern Germany, just after sunset on March 25. The familiar constellation of Orion can be seen left of the trail of the orbital station’s bright passage. On the right, Venus is the brilliant evening star above the western horizon. With the camera fixed to a tripod, this scene was captured in a series of five exposures. How can you tell? The short time delay between the end of one exposure and the beginning of the next leaves small gaps in the ISS light trail. Look closely and you’ll also see that the sky that appears to be above the horizon is actually a reflection though. The final image has been vertically inverted and the night skyscape recorded in the mirror-like waters of the small lake.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space

Helmut Schnieder

说明: 在3月25日那天刚日落后的入晚时分,仍然沐浴在阳光中的国际太空站,掠过德国北部.Wulfsahl-Gusborn湖上方的天空。影像中,我们很熟悉的猎户座,出现在太空站明亮迹线的左方,右侧的西方地平线上空,则有该时还是昏星的明亮金星。当时固定在三脚架上的相机拍下了5张照片,后来组成这片景观。怎么判断是5张?线索就在前一张照片和下一张之间,因曝光中断造成的国际太空站迹线上之小间隙。如你仔细检视,就会发现看似位在地平线上空的天空其实是倒影。因为叠合后的影像在垂直方向经过反转,让倒映在平滑如镜小湖面的夜空悬在上方。

明日的图片: pixels in space

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