2020 May 5


Carina in Perspective
Image Credit & Copyright:
Carlos Kiko Fairbairn

Explanation: You need to be in the south, looking south, to see such a sky. And only then if you’re lucky. Just above the picturesque tree is the impressive Carina Nebula, one of the few nebulas in the sky that is visible to the unaided eye. The featured image had to be taken from a very dark location to capture the Carina Nebula with such perspective and so near the horizon. The Great Nebula in Carina, cataloged as NGC 3372, is home to the wildly variable star Eta Carinae that sometimes flares to become one of the brightest stars in the sky. Above Carina is IC 2944, the Running Chicken Nebula, a nebula that not only looks like a chicken, but contains impressive dark knots of dust. Above these red-glowing emission nebulas are the bright stars of the Southern Cross, while on the upper left of the image is the dark Coalsack Nebula. This image was composed from six consecutive exposures taken last summer from Padre Bernardo, Goiás, Brazil. Even with careful planning, the astrophotographer felt lucky to get this shot because clouds — some still visible near the horizon — kept getting in the way.

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Carlos Kiko Fairbairn

说明:你得身在南半球,向南看,才能见到这片天空。此外,你得非常幸运,才能见到天空中少数肉眼可见的星云之一,壮丽的船底座星云悬在美丽绿树的上方。而且还得在极低光害的地点,影像才能记录到这么贴近地平线和带着这种风华的船底座星云。编录号为NGC 3372的船底座星云,内有狂野多变、有时发生爆发成为天空最明亮恒星之一的海山二。船底座大星云上方有IC 2944(奔鸡星云),此星云不但形状像鸡只,其内更有非常黝黑的尘埃结。而在影像中,这些泛红的发射星云上方,还可见到南十字星官的亮星,以及左上角的黝黑煤袋星云。这幅影像,是由去年夏天摄于巴西. 戈亚斯州. 帕德里-贝尔纳多镇连续拍摄的6张照片组合而成。纵然事先仔细规划过,但这位天文摄影者仍然认为,能拍到这幅影像的运气成分居多,因为这些悬在地平线上空的乌云,不停的捣乱并遮住视野。

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