2020 April 3


The Traffic in Taurus
Image Credit & Copyright:
Lionel Majzik

Explanation: There’s a traffic jam in Taurus lately. On April 1, this celestial frame from slightly hazy skies over Tapiobicske, Hungary recorded an impressive pile up toward the zodiacal constellation of the Bull and the Solar System’s ecliptic plane. Streaking right to left the International Space Station speeds across the bottom of the telescopic field of view. Wandering about as far from the Sun in planet Earth’s skies as it can get, inner planet Venus is bright and approaching much slower, overexposed at the right. Bystanding at the upper left are the sister stars of the Pleiades. No one has been injured in the close encounter though, because it really isn’t very close. Continuously occupied since November 2000, the space station orbits some 400 kilometers above the planet’s surface. Venus, currently the brilliant evening star, is almost 2/3 of an astronomical unit away. A more permanent resident of Taurus, the Pleiades star cluster is 400 light-years distant.

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Lionel Majzik

说明: 在最近这段日子,金牛座是个交通拥挤的地方。这幅4月1日摄于匈牙利·Tapiobicske村稍有雾霾天空的夜空影像,记录了金牛座方向及太阳黄道面上的忙碌交通。影像里,国际太空站从右向左掠过这片望远镜视野。在地球天空中,缓缓运行到距太阳最大张角位置的金星,是右缘那颗过度曝光的天体。 而在左上角旁观的,则是昴宿星团的成员星。在这团忙乱的交通里并无受害者,因为它们实际相隔颇远。自2000年11月起一直有人驻站的国际太空站,离地表的高度约为400公里。金星这颗目前最明亮的黄昏星,目前距离地球约有2/3天文单位。金牛座明亮的昴宿星团,则远在400光年之外。

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