2020 March 12

Falcon 9 Boostback
Image Credit & Copyright:
John Kraus

Explanation: Short star trails appear in this single 84 second long exposure, taken on March 6 from a rotating planet. The remarkable scene also captures the flight of a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon cargo spacecraft over Cape Canaveral Air Force Station shortly after launch, on a resupply mission bound for the International Space Station. Beginning its return to a landing zone about 9 kilometers from the launch site, the Falcon 9 first stage boostback burn arcs toward the top of the frame. The second stage continues toward low Earth orbit though, its own fiery arc traced below the first stage boostback burn from the camera’s perspective, along with expanding exhaust plumes from the two stages. This Dragon spacecraft was a veteran of two previous resupply missions. Successfully returning to the landing zone, this Falcon 9 first stage had flown before too. Its second landing marked the 50th landing of a SpaceX orbital class rocket booster.

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John Kraus

说明: 在这幅摄于地表的84秒长曝光影像里,恒星曳出短短的星像迹线。这张精采的照片同时也记录了,从卡纳维尔角空军站出发的猎鹰9号箭,以及前去执行国际太空站补给任务的飞号补给船。其中,猎鹰9号火箭的第一级火箭,曳着明亮的返回推进火光往影像的顶端飞掠。从相机所在的位置看出去,它的第二级火箭仍持续往低地球轨道前进,并曳出第一级火箭迹线下方的明亮弧线。在此同时,这二级火箭喷出的烟尘也不停的扩张。这艘飞龙号太空船,是已执行过2次补给任务的老兵。而顺利返回降落点的这艘猎鹰9号火箭第一级火箭,先前也飞过。它的第二次返回,也是太空探险公司的轨道级火箭助推器之第五十次成功返降。

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