2019 December 27

A Partial Solar Eclipse Sequence Reflected
Image Credit & Copyright:
Majid Ghohroodi

Explanation: What’s happened to the Sun? Yesterday, if you were in the right place at the right time, you could see the Sun rise partially eclipsed by the Moon. The unusual sight was captured in dramatic fashion in the featured image not only directly, in a sequence of six images, but also in reflection from Soltan Salt Lake in Iran. The almost-white Sun appears dimmer and redder near the horizon primarily because Earth’s atmosphere preferentially scatters away more blue light. Yesterday’s partial solar eclipse appeared in the sky over much of Asia and Australia, but those with a clear enough sky in a thin band across the Earth’s surface were treated to a more complete annular solar eclipse — where the Moon appears completely surrounded by the Sun in what is known as a ring of fire. The next annular solar eclipse will occur in 2020 June.

Majid Ghohroodi

说明: 太阳发生了什么事?假如时地皆宜的话,你昨天可见到月掩日所造成的日出带食。或许如这幅昨天摄于伊朗.索坦盐湖的精彩六格影像序列所示,同时看到了食日及其倒影的不寻常景观。影像中,通常泛白的太阳,大部分的蓝光受到地平面附近的大气之散射,而变得较暗且偏红。昨天在亚洲和澳洲的大部分地区,都能见到日偏食。而位在地表一道狭窄区域内的人,如果天空清朗的话,更有幸见到日环食─月盘镶在日盘内所形成的火之环奇景。下个日环食事件,将出现在2020年6月。

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