2019 December 21

Solstice to Solstice Solargraph Timelapse
Image Credit & Copyright:
Sam Cornwell

Explanation: The 2019 December Solstice, on the first day of winter in planet Earth’s northern hemisphere and summer in the south, is at 4:19 Universal Time December 22. That’s December 21 for North America, though. Celebrate with a timelapse animation of the Sun’s seasonal progression through the sky. It was made with solargraph images from an ingenious array of 27 pinhole cameras. The first frame from the Solarcan camera matrix was recorded near December 21, 2018. The last frame in the series finished near June 21, 2019, the northern summer solstice. All 27 camera exposures were started at the same time, with a camera covered and removed from the array once a week. Viewed consecutively the pinhole camera pictures accumulate the traces of the Sun’s daily path from winter (bottom) to summer (top) solstice. Traces of the Sun’s path are reflected by the foreground Williestruther Loch, in the Scottish Borders. Just select the image or follow this link to play the entire 27 frame (gif) timelapse.

Sam Cornwell

说明: 在12月22日世界时4:19 UT降临的2019年冬至,标志了地球北半球冬季及南半球夏季的第一天。不过对北美洲地区而言,今年的冬至是在12月21日。且让我们以太阳在天空画出的延时季节日轨图,作为节庆贺礼。这部影片,是由27部针孔相机阵列拍摄的日轨影像建构而成。这个啤酒罐相机阵列,在2018年12月21日附近拍下首张影像,最后影像则落在2019年6月21日的夏至附近。阵列的27部相机同时开始曝光取像,然后每星期盖住并取走一部相机。在连续播放下,这些相机影像叠合呈现了从冬至(底)到夏至(顶)之间每天的日轨。而前景位在苏格兰边界的威利特鲁瑟湖之湖面,也在同步反映这些日轨。点选上面这幅影像或点下面的连结,即可播放由27格照片集成的延时gif影片

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