2019 December 7

Lines of Time
Image Credit & Copyright:
Anton Komlev

Explanation: In time stars trace lines through the night sky on a rotating planet. Taken over two hours or more, these digitally added consecutive exposures were made with a camera and wide angle lens fixed to a tripod near Orel farm, Primorsky Krai, Russia, planet Earth. The stars trail in concentric arcs around the planet’s south celestial pole below the scene’s horizon, and north celestial pole off the frame at the upper right. Combined, the many short exposures also bring out the pretty star colours. Bluish trails are from stars hotter than Earth’s Sun, while yellowish trails are from cooler stars. A long time ago this tree blossomed, but now reveals the passage of time in the wrinkled and weathered lines of its remains.

Anton Komlev

说明: 在不停转动的行星上,随着时间流转,恒星在夜空中会曳出星像迹线。这幅由多张连续曝光照片数位叠加而成的影像,是用位在地球.俄罗斯.滨海边疆区.奥勒尔农场的一部搭配广角镜头之相机,摄于2个多小时期间。在影像中,恒星曳出的同心圆弧迹线,是以位在地平面下方的南天极及右上角外的北天极为中心。此外,这幅叠加多张短曝光照片的影像,也让恒星的色泽得以显现出来。其中,泛蓝的星像迹线来自比太阳炽热的恒星,而泛黄的迹线则源自比太阳低温的恒星。非常久之前,这颗树曾枝繁叶茂,不过随着时间流逝,如今徒留下时间蚀刻出的皱缩风化残躯。

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