2019 November 24

Apollo 12: Self-Portrait
Image Credit:
NASA, Apollo 12, Charles Conrad

Explanation: Is this image art? 50 years ago, Apollo 12 astronaut-photographer Charles “Pete” Conrad recorded this masterpiece while documenting colleague Alan Bean’s lunar soil collection activities on Oceanus Procellarum. The featured image is dramatic and stark. The harsh environment of the Moon’s Ocean of Storms is echoed in Bean’s helmet, a perfectly composed reflection of Conrad and the lunar horizon. Works of photojournalists originally intent on recording the human condition on planet Earth, such as Lewis W. Hine’s images from New York City in the early 20th century, or Margaret Bourke-White’s magazine photography are widely regarded as art. Similarly many documentary astronomy and space images might also be appreciated for their artistic and esthetic appeal.

NASA, Apollo 12, Charles Conrad

说明: 这是影像艺术吗?在50年前的1969年11月,阿波罗12号的太空人兼摄影家康雷拍下了这一张杰作。照片中,他的同伴宾恩正在风暴洋从事月球土壤的采集工作。在这张非常生动与鲜明的主题影像里,从宾恩头盔的倒影,可见到月球风暴洋恶劣的环境、康雷的身影及月球的地平线。在地球上,摄影记者的原始意图只是要纪录人类的活动,例如在二十世纪初Lewis W. Hine拍摄的纽约印象或者是Margaret Bourke-White的杂志照片,都公认是一种影像艺术。同样的,许多天文记录和太空影像,也可能因其艺术性及美感而广受赞赏。

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