2019 November 23

Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3 Stereo View
Image Credit:
NASA, Apollo 12, Alan Bean – Stereo Image Copyright: Kevin Frank

Explanation: Put on your red/blue glasses and gaze across the western Ocean of Storms on the surface of the Moon. The 3D view features Apollo 12 astronaut Pete Conrad visiting the Surveyor 3 spacecraft 50 years ago in November of 1969. Surveyor 3 had landed at the site on the inside slope of a small crater about 2 1/2 years earlier in April of 1967. Visible on the horizon beyond the far crater wall, Apollo 12’s Lunar Module Intrepid touched down less than 200 meters (650 feet) away, easy moonwalking distance from the robotic Surveyor spacecraft. The stereo image was carefully created from two separate pictures (AS12-48-7133, AS12-48-7134) taken on the lunar surface. They depict the scene from only slightly different viewpoints, approximating the separation between human eyes.

NASA, Apollo 12, Alan Bean – 立体影像版权: Kevin Frank

说明: 戴上你的红/蓝眼影镜,来欣赏这张在月表风暴洋拍摄的影像。这幅3D影像,呈现50年前的1969年11月,当时在造访测量者3号太空船的阿波罗12号太空人康雷。而在2年半前的1967年4月,测量者3号降落在一个小撞击坑的边坡上。在远方撞击坑墙的后方,可见到阿波罗12号的无畏号登月舱,它降落的位置离测量者太空船不到200公尺,对月表漫步来说,算是很轻松的步行距离。这幅影像是由2张摄于月表的影像( (AS12-48-7133, AS12-48-7134))组合而成的。这二幅影像呈现的景观之微小差异,与人类双眼所见相近。

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