2019 August 3

Mimas in Saturnlight
Image Credit:
Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA

Explanation: Peering from the shadows, the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Mimas lies in near darkness alongside a dramatic sunlit crescent. The mosaic was captured near the Cassini spacecraft’s final close approach on January 30, 2017. Cassini’s camera was pointed in a nearly sunward direction only 45,000 kilometers from Mimas. The result is one of the highest resolution views of the icy, crater-pocked, 400 kilometer diameter moon. An enhanced version better reveals the Saturn-facing hemisphere of the synchronously rotating moon lit by sunlight reflected from Saturn itself. To see it, slide your cursor over the image (or follow this link). Other Cassini images of Mimas include the small moon’s large and ominous Herschel Crater.

Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA

说明: 从影子里看出去,土卫一面对土星几乎完全黝黑的半球,旁边镶着引人注目的 日耀娥眉状亮区。在2017年1月30日卡西尼号拍摄这张组合影像之时,这艘太空船位在最后一次近距离接近木星的位置附近。在这个离土卫一45,000公里的位置,卡西尼号相机几乎直指太阳,从而拍下了 这颗400公里直径,满布撞击坑冰质卫星的最高分辨率影像之一。而另一幅增强影像,用以呈现这颗同步自转卫星面对木星的半球,沐浴在受到木星反射的阳光里之景象。其他由卡西尼号所拍摄的影像,还包括这颗小卫星的大型赫歇尔撞击坑。

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