2019 July 21

Moonquakes Surprisingly Common
Image Credit:
NASA, Apollo 11 Crew

Explanation: Why are there so many moonquakes? Analyses of seismometers left on the moon by the Apollo moon landings reveals a surprising number of moonquakes occurring within 100 kilometers of the surface. In fact, 62 moonquakes were detected in data recorded between 1972 and 1977. Many of these moonquakes are not only strong enough to move furniture in a lunar apartment, but the stiff rock of the moon continues to vibrate for many minutes, significantly longer than the softer rock earthquakes on Earth. The cause of the moonquakes remains unknown, but a leading hypothesis is the collapse of underground faults. Regardless of the source, future moon dwellings need to be built to withstand the frequent shakings. Pictured here 50 years ago today, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin stands beside a recently deployed lunar seismometer, looking back toward the lunar landing module.

NASA, Apollo 11 Crew

说明: 为何月震会如此多?分析阿波罗登月任务留在月表的地震仪之数据后,意外发现月球表层一百公里内有数量颇多的月震。因为,1972年到1977年之间的数据,总共记录了62例月震。许多这些月震不但强烈到能移动月球公寓的家具,并让月球的硬岩持续震动了数分钟,远长于地球软岩地震的持续时间。这些月震的成因不明,其中一种较可信的说法是源自月表下的断层崩塌。不论月震源头为何,未来的月球建物要能承受经常发生的月震。在上面这张摄于50年前这天的影像里,阿波罗11号太空人艾德林站在刚架好的月震仪旁边,面向着登月舱

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