2019 July 20

Apollo 11 Landing Panorama
Image Credit:
Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, NASA

Explanation: Have you seen a panorama from another world lately? Assembled from high-resolution scans of the original film frames, this one sweeps across the magnificent desolation of the Apollo 11 landing site on the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility. The images were taken by Neil Armstrong looking out his window of the Eagle Lunar Module fifty years ago, shortly after the July 20, 1969 landing. The frame at the far left (AS11-37-5449) is the first picture taken by a person on another world. Toward the south, thruster nozzles can be seen in the foreground on the left, while at the right, the shadow of the Eagle is visible to the west. For scale, the large, shallow crater on the right has a diameter of about 12 meters. Frames taken from the Lunar Module windows about an hour and a half after landing, before walking on the lunar surface, were intended to initially document the landing site in case an early departure was necessary.

Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, NASA

说明: 你最近看过来自另一个天体的全景影像吗?这幅组合自原始影片定格的高解析扫描影像,呈现了阿波罗11号在静海登月点周围的壮阔荒凉景观。这些影像是由阿姆斯壮在50年前的1969年7月20日登月后不久,透过老鹰号登月舱的视窗所拍摄的,尤其是最左端的那格(AS11-37-5449),是人类拍摄的第一张地外世界照片。在这幅南眺的影像中,左侧前景有推进器的喷嘴,而影像的最右端,可见到老鹰号西斜的阴影。可作为影像尺标的右方浅撞击坑,其直径约是12公尺。影像取得的时间点约在降落的一个半小时后,但在进行月表漫步之前,拍照的目的在于取得降落点之景观,以防必须提前撤离。

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