2019 July 6

Bob Minor

说明: 在7月2日的日食期间,全食阶段最长约可持续4分30秒。能见到这个最长全食的地点,在地球表面·复活岛北方约1,100公里的南太平洋面上。不过,如果位在和月食交错,离地表11,277公尺的包机上,月亮完全遮住太阳的期间可拉长到8分30秒。当时位在食甚拦截点的这部飞机,在顺风相助之下,大约以900公里的时速沿着全食带追月。摄影者从云层上方的飞机向阳靠窗坐位,拍下这幅的壮观大视野影像,并记录了悬在机翼上方的全食日和荧荧日冕

8 Minute and 30 Second Eclipse
Image Credit & Copyright:
Bob Minor

Explanation: The total phase of the July 2nd solar eclipse lasted about 4 minutes and 30 seconds at the point of maximum eclipse. On the surface of planet Earth, that was about 600 nautical miles north of Easter Island in the Southern Pacific Ocean. But from 37,000 feet above, on a charter flight intercepting the Moon’s shadow, the Moon could be seen to completely block the Sun for about 8 minutes and 30 seconds. With a tailwind at the mid-eclipse intercept point, the plane was traveling around 488 nautical miles per hour chasing along the Moon’s shadow track. From above the clouds this wide-field image of the totally eclipsed Sun and shimmering solar corona over the wing records the spectacular view from a window seat on the sunward side of the aircraft.

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