2019 July 5

Petr Horálek

说明: 前往峰顶拉西亚天文台的引道,恰好也在7月2日全食的全食带上,所以看似指向全食日。这个寻常的日食序列,中心点在月球的暗影,恰好盖住数部地球数部最大型望远镜之瞬间。事实上,拉西亚天文台在全食带中心线偏北一点的位置。因此,这片异常澄澈的天空,右侧(北方)的区域较为明亮。这个梦境般的景观,西眺落日与全食带月影飞掠而来的方向。

La Silla Eclipse Sequence
Image Credit & Copyright:
Petr Horálek

Explanation: The road to the high mountaintop La Silla Observatory in the Chilean Atacama Desert also led in to the path of July 2nd’s total solar eclipse. Recorded at regular intervals before and after the total eclipse phase, the frames in this composite sequence include the moment the Moon’s dark shadow fell across some of planet Earth’s advanced large telescopes. The dreamlike view looks west toward the setting Sun and the approaching Moon shadow. In fact La Silla was a little north of the shadow track’s center line, so the region’s stunning, clear skies are slightly brighter to the north (right) in the scene.

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