2019 July 4

Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN)

说明: 在2019年7月2日的南美洲日全食期间,地球的住民可伫足在月球黝黑的本影里。月球本影和地面的初始接触点,在纽西兰东方的太平洋面,然后沿狭窄的路径向东飞掠,当太阳低垂在西方地平线上空时,本影恰好切过智利的太平洋岸。在上面这幅影像里,在食甚之前的瞬间,最后一丝漏过的阳光,曳出了前景的长长影子。而转瞬将进入全食阶段的太阳,在幽暗明澈的天空中,形似美丽的钻石。太阳边缘的绕射芒,则是由相机镜头的光圈所造成的。

In the Shadow of the Moon
Image Credit & Copyright:
Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN)

Explanation: On July 2 denizens of planet Earth could stand in the Moon’s dark umbral shadow during South America’s 2019 total solar eclipse. It first touched down in the Southern Pacific Ocean, east of New Zealand. Racing toward the east along a narrow track, the shadow of the Moon made landfall along the Chilean coast with the Sun low on the western horizon. Captured in the foreground here are long shadows still cast by direct sunlight though, in the final moments before totality began. While diffraction spikes are from the camera lens aperture, the almost totally eclipsed Sun briefly shone like a beautiful diamond ring in the clear, darkened sky.

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