2019 June 8

Jack Fusco

说明: 在去年北半球夏季末的大冲之后,火星仍然在夜空大放光芒。因此,这颗天体轻易的吸引这二位观星者的注目,并让他们伫足入镜这幅摄于地球.大索尔的天与地景观。此外,在这张长曝光影像里,银河垂贯过视野,中心鼓核悬在西南地平线附近,而生物发光造成的淡蓝晕光(俗称蓝眼泪),在菲佛海滩附近的海浪中漂荡。目前已昏暗很多的火星,日落后会出现在西方的地平线附近。不过在这个月,木星最靠近我们也最为明亮,并将在6月10日运行到冲的位置。届时观星者可在南方地平线的银河中心繁星附近,找明亮的木星。

On the Beach with Mars
Image Credit & Copyright:
Jack Fusco

Explanation: At the end of last year’s northern summer, after its dazzling opposition, Mars still shone brightly in the night. The celestial beacon easily attracted the attention of these two night skygazers who stood still for just a while, but long enough to be captured in the sea and night skyscape from Big Sur, planet Earth. Its central bulge near the southwestern horizon, the Milky Way runs through the scene too, while the long exposure also reveals a faint blue bioluminescence blooming in the waves along Pfeiffer Beach. Now much fainter, Mars can be spotted near the western horizon after sunset, but this month Jupiter is near its closest and brightest, reaching its own opposition on June 10. Night skygazers can spot brilliant Jupiter over southern horizons, glaring next to the stars toward the central Milky Way.

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