2019 June 6

Alain Maury, Jean-Marc Mari

说明:现在,在星系丰富的星场和星云的映衬下,明亮的木星在夜空中闪耀。在这张中央银河系的彩色长焦照片中,木星压倒性的光芒在画面顶部闪耀。该场景横跨天空约20度,LDN 1773黑色的轮廓背对着星场,它们的组合勾勒出一个烟斗的颈和管形状,因此这片黑暗的星云也常被称为烟斗星云。烟斗星云是蛇夫座星云的一部分。蛇夫座星云位于450光年外,致密的气体和尘埃核心正在坍缩形成恒星。6月12日,木星在天空中的正对着太阳,距离地球只有36光分。天文爱好者或许能在天空中木星强光左下方的深色斑纹里看到蛇状星云。

The Planet and the Pipe
Image Credit & Copyright:
Alain Maury, Jean-Marc Mari

Explanation: Now posing against our galaxy’s rich starfields and nebulae, brilliant planet Jupiter shines in the night sky. Its almost overwhelming glow is near the top of the frame in this colorful telephoto portrait of the central Milky Way. Spanning about 20 degrees on the sky, the scene includes the silhouette of LDN 1773 against the starlight, also know by the popular moniker the Pipe Nebula for its apparent outline of stem and bowl. The Pipe Nebula is part of the galaxy’s Ophiuchus dark cloud complex. Located at a distance of about 450 light-years, dense cores of gas and dust within are collapsing to form stars. Approaching its opposition, opposite the Sun in the sky on June 12, Jupiter is only about 36 light-minutes from planet Earth. Fans of dark markings on the sky can probably spot the Snake Nebula below and left of Jupiter’s glare.

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