Arp 286:室女三重星系



Arp 286: Trio in Virgo
Image Credit & Copyright:
Nicolas Rolland, Telescope.Live

Explanation: This colorful telescopic field of view features a trio of interacting galaxies almost 90 million light-years away, toward the constellation Virgo. On the right two spiky, foreground Milky Way stars echo the extragalactic hues, a reminder that stars in our own galaxy are like those in distant island universes. With sweeping spiral arms and obscuring dust lanes, the dominant member of the trio, NGC 5566, is enormous, about 150,000 light-years across. Just above it lies smaller, bluish NGC 5569. Near center a third galaxy, NGC 5560, is apparently stretched and distorted by its interaction with massive NGC 5566. The trio is also included in Halton Arp’s 1966 Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies as Arp 286. Of course, such cosmic interactions are now appreciated as part of the evolution of galaxies.

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Arp 286:室女三重星系
Nicolas Rolland, Telescope.Live

说明: 这幅色彩缤纷的的望远镜视野,呈现室女座方向约9千万光年远处的3个互扰星系。影像右侧的这2颗带芒恒星,其色泽除了与这片河外景观相互呼应之外,也在提醒我们:银河系内的恒星也和这些遥远宇宙岛的恒星雷同。拥有宽广螺旋臂和不透光尘埃带、3个星系中最庞大的NGC 5566,是个宽达150,000光年的大星系。它上方的小星系为NGC 5569。而在影像的中央心附近,可见到色彩缤纷、因与大质量NGC 5566交互作用而拉长变形的第三个星系NGC 5560。这个三重星系,在Halton Arp于1966年所编辑的特殊星系图集的登录号为Arp 286。这类的宇宙级交互作用,现在被认是星系演化的部分过程。

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