NGC 2244:蔷薇星云内的星团



NGC 2244: A Star Cluster in the Rosette Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright:
Don Goldman

Explanation: In the heart of the Rosette Nebula lies a bright open cluster of stars that lights up the nebula. The stars of NGC 2244 formed from the surrounding gas only a few million years ago. The featured image taken in January using multiple exposures and very specific colors of Sulfur (shaded red), Hydrogen (green), and Oxygen (blue), captures the central region in tremendous detail. A hot wind of particles streams away from the cluster stars and contributes to an already complex menagerie of gas and dust filaments while slowly evacuating the cluster center. The Rosette Nebula’s center measures about 50 light-years across, lies about 5,200 light-years away, and is visible with binoculars towards the constellation of the Unicorn (Monoceros).

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NGC 2244:蔷薇星云内的星团
Don Goldman

说明: 位在蔷薇(玫瑰)星云中心的明亮疏散星团,点亮了整个星云。NGC 2244的成员星,是在数百万年前,才刚从周围的云气诞生出来。这幅摄于2014年1月的多重曝光影像,记录了硫(红渐层)、氢(绿)及氧(蓝)所发出的光,以呈现中心区的极精细结构。从星团成员星泛流而出的炽热粒子风,除了把气体和尘埃丝搅得更加纠结多变之外,也缓慢地蒸发掉星团中心的物质。这片蔷薇星云中心的宽度约50光年,离我们则有5,200光年远,用双筒望远镜即可在麒麟座方向见到它。

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