On April 25, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine provided President Donald Trump with an update at the White House on NASA’s response to COVID-19. Bridenstine discussed how the agency’s innovative workforce has mobilized some of its greatest minds to apply NASA research and ingenuity to fighting COVID-19.

“The questions is what do you do with rocket scientists when they stay at home? What they do is they build amazing things,” Administrator Bridenstine told President Trump Friday, underlining NASA’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by implementing a mandatory telework policy for the majority of the agency’s workforce.

Focused on three of the most developed efforts, Bridenstine showcased to the President and the media some of the devices, including the NASA VITAL ventilator created at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Aerospace Valley Positive Pressure Helmet developed by a regional consortium with NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, and a surface decontamination system called AMBUStat produced by industry with technology developed at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

Pictured are the VITAL Ventilator, the Aerospace Valley Positive Pressure Helmet and AMBUStat.

VITAL Ventilator: Designed in 37 days by the JPL workforce, NASA’s VITAL ventilator specifically addresses issues of COVID-19 patients. It was submitted to the FDA for emergency use authorization last week. JPL’s Dave Gallagher joined the Administrator at the White House and discussed how the Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships at Caltech, which manages JPL for NASA, is offering a free license for VITAL and currently is reaching out to the commercial medical industry to find manufacturers for the device.

The Aerospace Valley Positive Pressure Helmet: Awaiting FDA emergency use authorization approval, the engineers at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Facility with support of the Antelope Valley Task Forcedesigned these oxygen hoods to help COVID-19 by providing a portable oxygen-rich pressure chambers, and thereby reducing the subsequent need for ventilator intubation. The team at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company, members of the task force, are currently producing 500 hoods to address regional needs in the Los Angeles area.

AMBUSTat: The surface continuation system, AMBUStat, is produced and sold by a private company, Emergency Products and Research (EP+R), in Kent, Ohio. The device is currently used in ambulances and is expanding use to police cars and other areas.

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Image Credit: Official White House Photo: Shealah Craighead



布莱登斯汀周重点介绍了三项最新的研究成果,向总统和媒体展示了一些设备,包括在NASA喷气推进实验室制造的NASA VITAL呼吸机,由地区财团与NASA阿姆斯特朗飞行研究中心h合作开发的Aerospace Valley正压头盔,以及由工业界使用NASA格伦研究中心开发的技术生产的称为AMBUStat的表面净化系统。

图为VITAL呼吸机、Aerospace Valley正压头盔和AMBUStat。


Aerospace Valley正压头盔:正在等待FDA紧急使用授权批准,NASA阿姆斯特朗飞行研究设施的工程师在羚羊谷特别工作组的支持下设计了这些氧气罩,通过提供便携式的富氧压力室来帮助COVID-19,从而减少了随后对呼吸机插管的需求。工作队成员维珍银河和太空飞船公司的团队目前正在生产500个头罩,以满足洛杉矶地区的地区需求。



图片来源:Official White House Photo: Shealah Craighead

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