In this image from Dec. 2019, astronaut Christina Koch handles media bags that enable the manufacturing of organ-like tissues using the BioFabrication Facility (BFF), a 3-D biological printer on the International Space Station. The BFF could become a part of a larger system capable of manufacturing whole, fully functioning human organs from existing patient cells in microgravity.

Learn more about science experiments aboard the station and how it helps improve life on Earth.

Video: Science at 17,500 Miles Per Hour

Image Credit: NASA

在2019年12月的这张照片中,宇航员克里斯蒂娜·科赫(Christina Koch)处理的介质袋可以使用国际空间站上的3D生物打印机BioFabrication Facility(BFF)制造器官样组织。 BFF可能会成为更系统的一部分,该系统能够通过微重力作用从现有患者细胞中制造出完整,功能齐全的人体器官。




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