Connie Moore (left) and Sheva Moore are not related but they share a passion for helping the public find just the right image or film clip for projects. With a combined 50+ years of service at NASA Headquarters, they have worked on projects big and small–from books by high-end publishers Taschen, to documentaries and feature films.

Sheva Moore joined NASA Headquarters as a contractor and video librarian in 2001. Her work includes providing content to major networks, productions companies, educators and private citizens to support documentaries, features films, broadcast news and the vision of the agency. She has filled thousands of domestic and international requests because the work that NASA has done and continues to do, impacts and inspires millions of people around the world. Sheva received a screen credit for the Academy Award nominated film, “Hidden Figures” which recognizes the contributions of African-American women to advance human space flight programs in the United States. There are many stories to tell and NASA makes it possible by providing the images and sounds that shape history.

Connie Moore has worked at NASA Headquarters since October 1985, almost 35 years, starting as a part-time employee in the “Stay In School” program as it was called at the time. It was a program for college students to work while gaining knowledge and experience in the work force while obtaining their degrees. Among her proudest moments are her work with the films Hidden Figures and First Man. While finishing up requirements for a degree in Applied Mathematics, she was hired as a contractor in the Astronaut Appearance Office. After being there for a year, she was hired under a new contract in the Photo Office and has remained here ever since. Working now in the Photo Office, Connie is the senior photo researcher/librarian. She performs research and assists other professional researchers, filmmakers, news media, publishing companies, educators, government agencies and members of the public with obtaining NASA imagery. She also maintains a photographic archival database system with our historical images as we have transitioned from analog to digital files.

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Image Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani





图片来源:NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

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