In this image from December 2000, the Expedition One crew–the first to permanently inhabit the International Space Station–are about to eat a treat of fresh oranges onboard the Zvezda Service Module. Pictured, from the left, are Soyuz commander Yuri P. Gidzenko, Station commander William M. Shepherd and cosmonaut Sergei K. Krikalev.

For 19 years and counting, the station has operated as an international partnership that is as much a human achievement as it is a technological one and an exercise in how best to plan, coordinate, and monitor the varied activities of the program’s many organizations.


Image Credit: NASA

在这张2000年12月的照片中,第一批永久居住在国际空间站的“远征一号”宇航员正准备在茨韦兹达服务舱上享用新鲜的橙子。从左至右依次是联盟号指挥官Yuri P. Gidzenko,空间站指挥官William M. Shepherd和宇航员Sergei K. Krikalev。




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