Amy Ross, a spacesuit engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, left, and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, second from left, presented the latest generation spacesuits to the world on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Standing next to the administrator is Kristine Davis, a spacesuit engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, who wore a ground prototype of NASA’s new Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), and Dustin Gohmert, Orion Crew Survival Systems Project Manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, who wore the Orion Crew Survival System suit, right, wave after being introduced. The xEMU suit improves on the suits previous worn on the Moon during the Apollo era and those currently in use for spacewalks outside the International Space Station and will be worn by first woman and next man as they explore the Moon as part of the agency’s Artemis program. The Orion suit is designed for a custom fit and incorporates safety technology and mobility features that will help protect astronauts on launch day, in emergency situations, high-risk parts of missions near the Moon, and during the high-speed return to Earth.

Image Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky

美国国家航空航天局约翰逊航天中心的航天服工程师艾米·罗斯(左)和美国国家航空航天局局长吉姆·布里登斯汀(左二)于2019年10月15日在华盛顿美国国家航空航天局总部向世界公布了最新一代的宇航服。在管理员旁边的是Kristine Davis,她是NASA约翰逊航天中心的一名航天服工程师,她穿着NASA新探索舱外移动单元(xEMU)的地面原型,还有Dustin Gohmert, NASA约翰逊航天中心的猎户座机组人员生存系统项目经理,他穿着猎户座机组人员生存系统套装(右),在介绍后挥手。作为NASA阿耳忒弥斯计划的一部分,xEMU太空服是对阿波罗时代以前在月球上穿的太空服和现在在国际空间站外进行太空行走时穿的太空服的改进,它将被第一名女性和下一名男性在探索月球时穿着。“猎户座”宇航服是为适应特殊需要而设计的,它结合了安全技术和机动能力的特点,将有助于保护宇航员在发射当天、紧急情况下、在月球附近执行任务的高风险部分以及在高速返回地球期间的安全。

图片来源: NASA/Joel Kowsky

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