After completing the first of 10 spacewalks to upgrade the station, astronaut Christina Koch wrote: “The great @Space_Station battery swap series of spacewalks is underway! A joy & privilege working with @AstroDrewMorgan outside, @astro_luca as the lead for suits & airlock, @Astro_Jessica as robotic arm operator, & the incredible teams in Houston. 3 batteries complete, 9 to go!”

Image Credit: NASA/Christina Koch

为了升级空间站宇航员克里斯蒂娜·科赫完成了10次太空行走中的第一次,她写道:“伟[email protected][email protected]作很愉快,@astro_luca是防护服和气闸的负责人,@Astro_Jessica是机器人手臂的操作员,还有休斯顿的神奇团队。3个电池已经更换完毕,还剩下9个。

图片来源:NASA/Christina Koch

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