Born on August 5, 1930, Neil Armstrong would have been 89 years old today. During his lifetime, he was a man of many accomplishments and when he landed on the Moon, he walked into the history books. Armstrong changed the course of history as the commander of the Apollo 11 mission, landing humanity on another celestial body for the very first time and fulfilling President John F. Kennedy’s goal of landing humans on the Moon by the end of the decade and returning them safely to Earth.

In this image, Armstrong trains in the lunar module simulator at Kennedy Space Center on June 19, 1969.

Image Credit: NASA

尼尔·阿姆斯特朗生于1930年8月5日,今天他已经89岁了。在他的一生中,他是一个多才多艺的人,当他登上月球时,他载入了史册。作为阿波罗11号任务的指挥官,阿姆斯特朗改变了历史的进程,首次将人类送上另一个星球,实现了美国总统约翰·F·肯尼迪(John F. Kennedy)的目标,即在2020年前将人类送上月球,并将他们安全送回地球。



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