This Moon-mosaic is comprised of 1,231 images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s (LRO) Narrow-Angle Camera (NAC) in the summer of 2018. The LRO team chose each tile from over 10,000 of the highest quality LROC NAC frames by searching for the best match of brightness and gradient (the direction and size of the brightness change across the frame).

Since LRO’s launch in 2009, the camera team has published over one million gigabytes of image data, all of which are available to the public.

In anticipation of the upcoming Artemis I mission to the Moon, NASA is asking the public to share all of your Moon-inspired content — including but not limited to your Moon photographs, your Moon music, and your Moon nail art — with the hashtag #NASAMoonSnap. We will be sharing a variety of Moon Snaps on our social media accounts, on our website, and during the Artemis I launch broadcast.

Image Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

这幅月球拼图由1,231幅图像组成,由月球勘测轨道飞行器(LRO)的窄角相机(NAC)在2018年夏天拍摄。LRO团队通过搜索亮度和梯度的最佳匹配(亮度在整个帧中的方向和大小变化),从10,000多个最高质量的LROC NAC帧中选择了每幅图像。


为了迎接即将到来的阿尔忒弥斯一号登月任务,NASA要求公众使用#NASAMoonSnap 标签分享你所有受月球启发的内容,包括但不限于你的月球照片、你的月球音乐和你的月球指甲彩绘。我们将在社交媒体账户、网站和阿尔忒弥斯一号发射直播期间分享各种月球快照。


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