“There are few artists in the aerospace industry whose career was as varied or accomplished as Ted Brown,” so reads his artist profile on the blog numbers station by Mike Acs. Brown “began as a graphic designer with [McDonnell] Douglas in 1962, and over the next four decades carved out an enviable career: he illustrated everything from the Buck Rogers imaginings of Philip Bono, Gemini and Apollo to the Shuttle Program. His art permeates the story of space exploration. It is in industry periodicals, newspapers and books and has been since the early sixties. You know his work. He is as ubiquitous as he is anonymous and that’s something I love about him, because I imagine that is exactly how he wanted it. So, this is the story of Ted Brown.”

Brown worked as a contract artist for Boeing for the Space Shuttle Program.


In this image from 1980, Brown stands in front of a mural at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Angela Carole Brown

“在航空航天业中,很少有艺术家的职业生涯能像泰德·布朗那样丰富多彩、成就卓著。”迈克·艾克斯在博客《数字站》(numbers station)上的艺术家简介如此写道。布朗“于1962年开始在[麦克唐纳]道格拉斯([McDonnell] Douglas)担任平面设计师,并在接下来的四十年中开创了令人羡慕的职业生涯:他展示了从巴克·罗杰斯对菲利普·博诺、双子座和阿波罗的想象到航天飞机项目的一切。他的艺术贯穿于太空探索的故事中。它出现在工业期刊、报纸和书籍中,自60年代初以来一直如此。他无处不在,因为他是匿名的,这是我喜欢他的地方,因为我想这正是他想要的。这就是特德·布朗的故事。”





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