This colorized schlieren image is of a small-scale model of NASA’s X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST) airplane taken inside NASA Glenn Research Center’s 8- by- 6-foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel during a recent boom test. The multiple-week campaign produced data sets and shockwave visuals that engineers from the agency’s Commercial Supersonic Technology project will use to validate boom-reducing technologies and sonic boom-predicting capabilities. The boom test at NASA Glenn was one of the final X-59 QueSST wind tunnel evaluations as the agency prepares for the aircraft’s first flight later this year, leading to further low-boom validation in flight in 2023.

这幅彩色纹影图像是NASA X-59静音超音速技术(QUSST)飞机的小型模型,拍摄于NASA格伦研究中心的8乘6英尺超音速风洞中,当时正在进行音爆测试。这次为期数周的实验产生了数据集和冲击波图像,来自NASA的商业超音速技术项目的工程师将使用这些数据集来验证减爆技术和音爆预测能力。在格伦进行的音爆测试是X-59 QueSST最后的风洞评估之一,该机构为今年晚些时候X-59 QueSST的首次飞行做准备,并将在2023年的飞行中进一步低音爆验证。

Image Credit: Quentin Schwinn, NASA Glenn/ATS

影像来源:Quentin Schwinn, NASA Glenn/ATS