NASA数字战略家安德烈斯·阿尔梅达 (Andres Almeida)

When NASA digital strategist Andres Almeida joined Twitter in 2009, one of the first accounts he followed was NASA. “I knew they were doing NASA ‘Tweetups’ (now called Socials) where members of the public could apply, go behind the scenes of a NASA facility and potentially attend a launch.

“I was selected for the STS-135 Tweetup — the final launch of the space shuttle, July 2011. The Tweetup gave me access that I never in my life thought I’d be able to experience. Being inside the Vehicle Assembly Building, where Saturn rockets were assembled, where the space shuttle was stacked and now where the SLS is going to be stacked… that for me, was incredible.

“We got to Kennedy for the launch on July 7. There were severe thunderstorms and lightning all around. The weather was not looking good for the next day.

“The next morning, we get to the press site, and the weather continues to look like it’s going to prevent the launch. There was a 30% chance. I didn’t think it was going to happen.

“And then, there was a break in the clouds. And at 11:28 am, the shuttle launches. It was such a physical, emotional experience. I remember feeling the sound waves. I was just so excited, so thrilled, so overcome by seeing all these people put in so many hours on something that was bigger than themselves, working toward making this mission a success. And that was the culmination of it: 5 million pounds of thrust lifting this vehicle 250 miles off the planet.

“I thought, ‘wow, Atlantis took off with just a 30% chance.’ So, I try to take that with me whenever I face a challenging situation. And that’s kind of why I was teetering on not applying for my first NASA internship in 2013. But I thought to myself, ‘well, that vehicle took off in not-so-ideal conditions. Things aren’t impossible.’ That’s what led me to pursue this career at NASA.”

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Image Credit: NASA / Aubrey Gemignani

当NASA数字战略家安德烈斯·阿尔梅达(Andres Almeida)在2009年加入Twitter时,他最先关注的账户之一是NASA。“我知道他们在做NASA的‘Tweetups’(现在叫Socials),公众可以申请,进入NASA设施的幕后,并有可能参加发射。

“我被选中参加STS-135 Tweetup–2011年7月航天飞机的最后一次发射。推特给了我一个我从未想过能体验到的机会。在运载工具组装大楼里,土星火箭是在这里组装的,航天飞机是在这里堆放的,现在SLS也将在这里堆放……对我来说,这真是太不可思议了。