Astronaut Ricky Arnold is shown on his first spacewalk as a crewmember on STS-119.

Before he joined the Astronaut Corps, Arnold was a teacher in classrooms all over the world, from Malaysia to Romania. Arnold also served aboard the International Space Station on Expedition 55/56.

In this image, during the six-hour, seven-minute spacewalk, Arnold and fellow astronaut Steve Swanson (out of frame) connected bolts to permanently attach the S6 truss segment to S5. The spacewalkers plugged in power and data connectors to the truss, prepared a radiator to cool it, opened boxes containing the new solar arrays and deployed the Beta Gimbal Assemblies containing masts that support the solar arrays. The blackness of space and Earth’s horizon provide the backdrop for the scene.

Video – NASA STEM Stars: Astronaut Ricky Arnold for Teacher Appreciation Week


Image Credit: NASA

航员瑞奇·阿诺德(Ricky Arnold)作为STS-119机组成员首次进行太空行走。



视频 —— NASA STEM之星:宇航员瑞奇·阿诺德(Ricky Arnold)为教师感谢周献礼



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