In this image from 2018, NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps trains in a U.S. spacesuit at the Johnson Space Center.

Epps is assigned to NASA’s Boeing Starliner-1 mission, the first operational crewed flight of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft on a mission to the International Space Station. She will join NASA astronauts Sunita Williams and Josh Cassada for a six-month expedition planned for launch in 2021 to the orbiting space laboratory. The flight will follow NASA certification after a successful uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 and Crew Flight Test with astronauts.

The spaceflight will be the first for Epps, who earned a doctorate in aerospace engineering in 2000, from the University of Maryland, College Park. While earning her doctorate, Epps was a NASA Graduate Student Researchers Project fellow, authoring several journal and conference articles on her research.

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Image Credit: NASA

这张照片拍摄于2018年,美国宇航局宇航员珍妮特·埃普斯(Jeanette Epps)穿着美国宇航服在约翰逊航天中心训练。

埃普斯被分配到美国宇航局的Starliner1号任务中,这是波音CST-100 Starliner首次执行载人飞行任务前往国际空间站。她将与美国宇航局宇航员苏尼塔·威廉姆斯和乔什·卡萨达一起进行为期6个月的探险,Starliner计划于2021年发射到这个轨道空间实验室。在成功地进行了第2次无人驾驶轨道飞行测试和与宇航员一起进行了机组人员飞行测试之后,NASA将对此次飞行进行认证。






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