The STS-107 crewmembers strike a ‘flying’ pose for their traditional in-flight crew portrait in the SPACEHAB Research Double Module aboard the space shuttle Columbia. From the left (top row), wearing blue shirts, are astronauts David M. Brown, mission specialist; William C. McCool, pilot; and Michael P. Anderson, payload commander. From the left (bottom row), wearing red shirts to signify their shift’s color, are astronauts Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist; Rick D. Husband, mission commander; Laurel B. Clark, mission specialist; and Ilan Ramon, payload specialist, representing the Israeli Space Agency. On Feb. 1, 2003, the seven crewmembers were lost with the Space Shuttle Columbia over North Texas. This picture was on a roll of unprocessed film later recovered by searchers from the debris.

Image Credit: NASA

STS-107机组人员在哥伦比亚号航天飞机上的SPACEHAB研究双舱中为传统的飞行机组人员画像摆出飞行姿势。从左边(上排),穿着蓝色衬衫的宇航员,是任务专家David M. Brown;飞行员 William C. McCool;以及有效载荷指挥官Michael P. Anderson。从左边(最下面一行)开始,身着红色衬衫表示换班颜色的宇航员是任务专家卡Kalpana Chawla;任务指挥官Rick D. Husband;任务专家Laurel B. Clark;以及代表以色列航天局的载荷专家Ilan Ramon。2003年2月1日,七名机组人员在北德克萨斯北部上空的哥伦比亚航天飞机上丧生。这张照片是在一卷未经处理的胶片上拍摄的,后来被搜索人员从残骸中找到。


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