In this image from June 2002, astronaut Franklin R. Chang-Diaz works with a grapple fixture during a spacewalk on the STS-111 mission to perform work on the International Space Station. The first spacewalk of the mission began with the installation of a power and data grapple fixture (PDGF) for the station’s robotic arm on the complex’s P6 truss. The fixture will allow the robotic arm to grip the P6 truss for future station assembly operations. Astronauts Chang-Diaz and Philippe Perrin (with French space agency, CNES) went on to install the new fixture about halfway up the P6 truss, the vertical structure that currently supports the station’s set of large U.S. solar arrays.

Chang-Diaz is Hispanic of Costa Rican descent. He is also a veteran of seven Space Shuttle missions, tying the record, as of 2018 for the most spaceflights (a record set by Jerry L. Ross).


Image Credit: NASA

在这张2002年6月的照片中,宇航员富兰克林·R·常·迪亚兹(Franklin R. Chang-Diaz)在执行STS-111任务的太空行走过程中,用抓钩固定装置工作,以在国际空间站上进行工作。这次任务的第一次太空行走始于在综合设施的P6桁架上为空间站的机械臂安装了一个动力和数据抓斗装置(PDGF)。该工具将允许机械臂抓住P6桁架,用于未来的空间站组装操作。宇航员常-迪亚兹和菲利普·佩兰(法国宇航局,CNES)继续在P6桁架的半空中安装新装置,这个垂直结构目前支撑着空间站的一组大型美国太阳能电池板。


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