Astronomers using a previously captured Hubble imagery spotted a remarkable image of a young star’s unseen, planet-forming disk casting a huge shadow across a more distant cloud in a star-forming region. The star is called HBC 672, and the shadow feature was nicknamed the “Bat Shadow” because it resembles a pair of wings. The nickname turned out to be unexpectedly appropriate, because now those “wings” appear to be flapping!

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and STScI

天文学家利用之前哈勃望远镜拍摄到的照片,一颗年轻的恒星在其未被发现的形成行星的圆盘上投下了一个巨阴影,覆盖了恒星形成区域中较远的星云。这颗恒星被称为HBC 672,它的影子特征被称为“蝙蝠影子”,因为它像一对翅膀。原来这个绰号是出乎意料的合适,因为现在那些“翅膀”似乎在拍打!

影像来源:NASA, ESA, and STScI

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