2020 June 9


Orion over Argentine Mountains
Image Credit & Copyright:
Nicolas Tabbush

Explanation: Do you recognize the constellation of Orion? It may be harder than usual in today’s featured image because the camera has zoomed in on the center, and the exposure is long enough to enhance nebulas beyond what the unaided human eye can see. Still, once you become oriented, you can see Orion’s three belt stars lined up vertically near the image center, and even locate the familiar Orion Nebula on the upper left. Famous faint features that are also visible include the dark Horsehead Nebula indentation near the image center, and the dusty Flame Nebula just to its right. Part of the Orion-encircling Barnard’s Loop can also be found on the far right. The image combines multiple sky-tracking shots of the background in different colors with a single static foreground exposure taken at twilight — all captured with the same camera and from the same location. The picturesque scene was captured early last year from mountains in San Juan, Argentina.

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Nicolas Tabbush

说明:你认得出猎户座吗? 在这张今天的主题天文图里,这项工作稍难一些,因为相机聚焦的是猎户座的中心区,而且曝光时间也够长,得以记录到人类肉眼无法见到的星云。不过,一旦你适应了之后,就能认出影像中心垂直排列的猎户腰带三星,以及左上角的猎户座大星云。 这幅影像呈现的其他著名天体,还有中心附近的黝黑马头星云,紧贴在其右侧满是尘埃的火焰星云,及右缘附近环拱猎户座的巴纳德圈之一小部分。这幅影像,叠合了多张由同一部相机在相同位置拍摄的背景天体照片,以及一幅静态的前景照片。这片美丽的景观,是在去年初摄于阿根廷. 圣胡安省内的山区。

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